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Tips for Enjoying a Healthy Halloween

For kids and adults, Halloween can be one of the funnest nights of the year. Dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating, and collecting candy – what else could make this day more fun? In the midst of all of the excitement, we want you to enjoy a happy, safe and healthy Halloween! Here are some tips for your family:

Eat Before You Trick-or-Treat
Serve your kids a healthy dinner before starting your night. Eating dinner means your kids will have full bellies before trick-or-treating (and as a result, it may cut down on the amount of candy consumed during the night).

Be Careful with Food Allergies
If any of your children have food allergies, be sure to carefully read all ingredients and labels. Stay away from eating homemade snacks, as it could be made with something that triggers your child’s allergy.

Establish Boundaries
Decide ahead of time how much candy your kids should eat while trick-or-treating. Brainstorm with your kids to decide what to do with the candy they collect. Eating candy in moderation is fine, but it’s important to talk with your children about self-control. Maybe you’ll donate some candy or maybe you’ll bake with it. Try adding some candy to cupcakes and deliver to friends and family!

Swap the Junk Food for Healthy Treats
Instead of candy and sugary snacks, offer healthy Halloween treats instead. Give trick-or-treaters bags of popcorn, boxes of raisins, apples, or other healthy packaged treats. Or think outside the box and provide small toys and stickers. Let your creative juices flow – a healthy Halloween is what you make of it!

Focus on Family, Friends, and Fall Crafts
There’s more to Halloween than candy! Celebrate fun fall traditions with your children by hand-making costumes together, picking pumpkins at a farm, or carving jack-o-lanterns. Create special family traditions around Halloween that are unique to your family. Maybe you bake a seasonal treat together each year or watch a favorite Halloween movie or plan a family-friendly Halloween party. Enlist your kids to help with your plans and preparations. Whatever you decide, it can grow to become a cherished family tradition.

All of us at Trusted ER Dallas Hillcrest wish you a happy, safe  and healthy Halloween. Stop by and visit us for a little trick-or-treat. We think we have the best candy in Dallas!