Where to go in a Medical Emergency in Hillcrest

When you’re suddenly thrust into a medical emergency situation and require medical care, it can be difficult to know what to do, or where to seek treatment. Do you go to an urgent care clinic? Call the family doctor’s office? Go straight to a freestanding ER, or drive to the hospital? The best place to seek treatment in a medical emergency depends on the nature of your injury and medical needs plus the amount of time you are willing to spend in a crowded waiting room. There are three main differences between the types of medical emergency clinics available in Dallas, Texas.

Normal Business Hours vs. 24/7 Service
Primary care offices tend to follow banking hours/holidays, and urgent care centers usually extend their hours slightly beyond that. Primary care offices require appointments made ahead of time, and urgent care centers usually have a mix of walk-ins and appointments. Most people have to change their work schedule for a traditional doctor’s appointment but might be able to make it to an urgent care center on their way home.

Freestanding ER’s are required by the state of Texas to remain open 24 hours, the same as any traditional hospital ER. No appointments are necessary at a freestanding ER or hospital ER.

Driving Downtown vs. Around the Corner
Location is another factor when deciding where to seek medical treatment. While some medical issues can wait for the drive across town or into the city, others can’t. But it can be hard to know the difference between minor and emergency issues, especially when it comes to loved ones. There is no need to drive the 45 minutes to the nearest major hospital when a freestanding ER down the street is offering the same level of care.

Where to go for a Medical Emergency in Hillcrest - TRUSTED ER Hillcrest
Level of Care
While family physicians and urgent care centers are great choices for minor day to day medical issues, most emergencies require a higher level of care.

Traditional ER’s and freestanding ER’s are similar because they offer the same services, state-of-the-art equipment, and high-quality emergency care. But what makes a freestanding ER the better option in an emergency is how different it is from a traditional hospital. Besides just being closer to home, there are no crowded lobbies, the wait times are under five minutes, and the patient care makes you feel like family. Traditional hospital emergency rooms can have wait times of up to four hours. Freestanding ER’s are also free from the administrative hassles of a traditional hospital, treating patients as people instead of numbers. This allows the ER physicians and staff the freedom to spend more time with each patient and give the level of care they deserve.

The bottom line is: While family physicians and urgent care centers are great for minor medical issues, a freestanding emergency room like Trusted ER is the best option for any medical emergency. From broken bones to chest pain, the Trusted ER team is here to provide expert medical services and concierge level care.

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